ON/OFF change

This pause function is very useful especially when you washing your hair, your eyes hardly open so that you can't easily touch the shower faucet switch. This high pressure shower head with shut off valve will solve the problem cleverly. Eliminating the need to close the valve, meanwhile save much water.

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ShowerDash in Action

Why ShowerDash?

Three settings sprayer

The camper shower head and hose offer three spray functions that are activated by a single paddle. These functions include Rainfall, Massage, and Mixed mode, which provide a range of natural SPA sensations. This allows you and your family to indulge in a tranquil shower experience in the comfort of your home.

Easy to Install

Tool-less connection takes only a few minutes, no plumber required. Comes with 1.5m stainless steel hose with durable heavy duty design, plumber's tape and installation manual.

With bracket

Self-adhesive shower head bracket. You can add it in lower positions as needed. It is convenient for small children or sitting in the bathtub.

Quality material

It is made from good quality ABS material,silicone nozzles,wear resistant,solid and durable.

5-in-1 shower head

We offer a shower head that features five adjustable shower modes, each easily accessible via a water release button. These modes include shower mode, mixed mode, and plus mode, providing simple and convenient options to suit your preferences.

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